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Hello, my name is Stephanie Loomis, and I am the owner/CEO of Stefie Cake and Treats. We are a fully licensed and certified home bakery. I want to tell you a little bit about how I got started in my baking journey.

Sometimes you think life has to get better. Seven years ago I thought that all the time. I was working as an accountant for 12 years. My Boss where I worked hated me. She made me miserable. I was at that point  I needed a break. I was asking God to give me a vacation. I needed some time off. I was so overwhelmed and stressed out things were not going well. Then I got what I asked for God arranged for me to have a vacation. A very long vacation.

On August 3, 2011 I was in a car accident and my life was changed forever. I could not do my accounting job anymore. I could not stand to sit for long periods of time. I ended up staying home with my babies and trying to think of it as a blessing. I love my kids, but I was always working. I was actually a workaholic I may not have liked my boss, but I did love accounting.

We moved to Ohio in August of 2012. This was just a year after my accident. The pain was not going away, and it kept getting worse. I saw doctors in California most of the year that I was injured, but nothing they did worked. It just kept getting worse. When we moved to Ohio I started seeing other doctors. Over 2 years of living there and I finally got a diagnosis. It was doctor after doctor ruling things out. Telling me we don’t know what is wrong with you. It can do a lot to your head when you are told over and over no, it something else. I was thinking all time just fix me. Why can’t you fix me.

In February of 2015 I finally got a diagnosis. I have a pain condition called CRPS. This is an auto immune disease. It causes pain in my shoulder and my neck. This pain then effects my left arm by making it weak and making the left side of my face numb. Getting that diagnosis was the best thing to ever happen. It helped me understand what was going on and it helped release me from the bad news every time I went to the doctor. I knew now that I had a decease that was incurable. I knew now that they could not just fix me. I knew that I had to accept that I had to live with this disease. Once I accepted it my life changed. I decided to live again. I asked God to heal my brain to take away all the bad thoughts and depression. I woke up the next day a new person.

Well I have always loved to bake. I had baked from scratch since I can remember. I made cookies for the holidays, Cakes just because. Baking was never something I thought I would do as a job. I had never decorated anything before. Then in August of 2014, I made my daughter Madison a birthday cake. She wanted a Sofia the 1st Cupcake Cake. I found a YouTube Video that showed me how to make it. I got all the tools I needed at Walmart and went to work. It came out good, and it was a lot of fun. It got my mind off of things. I then made a cake every chance I could get. My brother, my mom, and the Superbowl.

I posted everything on Facebook shared it with all my friends. I then one day received a message on Facebook from one of my friends asking me if I could make a cake for her daughters birthday. At that moment Stefie Cakes & Treats was born Feb 12, 2015. I did 70 cakes from April to December 2015.

In August of 2016, my husband moved us to Chino Hills, CA. I moved Stefie Cakes & Treats to Chino Hills. I am so grateful for my Ohio customers and I miss them, but I am now building new relationships with customers in Chino Hills. I love what I do and I love meeting all these great people. My life has completely changed for the better. I still get to do my accounting and do what I love! Not to mention I get to make people happy for a living. What is better than that!

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