Happy New Year…

Stefie Cakes & Treats is bringing back Sample Packs again for 2020!

Last year in 2019 we introduced the cupcake sample pack, and we make them available on the 3rd week of every month. We did this to one bring in new customers, but two we did it for you! You deserve to get the best tasting product for your money. Quality is very important to us, because we understand what it is like to waste money.

I want to announce for 2020 that we are going to add another Sample Pack to the family. I would like to introduce to you…

The Cookie Sample pack:

Here is the description of what you get!

The Sample Cookie Pack comes with 15 different cookies. That is 6 different flavors of roll out sugar cookies, and 9 different drop cookies. Among them my most popular Chocolate Chip Cookies. 

You get 12 two of each flavor of roll out sugar cookies. One with Royal icing and one without so you can taste them with and without the icing. 

You also get 2 of each of the flavors of Drop Cookies. That is 18 additional cookies.

I understand what it is like to want to know what peoples treats taste like before you buy them. When making a big purchase you want to make sure you are getting the best product for your money. This is how I can make it easy for you to try my products. 

I came up with sample packs because one my business is home based, and second who has time these days. With my sample packs you can pickup on the two days a month I have planned for Sample Packs. You can go home sit down with your family and taste things together. Then you can let me know later after you have had time to go over things with your family. 

We also would like to announce that we have made a few changes to out original Cupcake Sample pack. Here is the description of what is now in the Cupcake Sample Pack.  

The Cupcake Sample Pack comes with:

  • 3 dozen mini cupcakes
  • 9 different Flavors of Cake
  • Chocolate, Yellow, White, Vanilla, Red Velvet, French Vanilla, Strawberry, Lemon, and Birthday Cake
  • 9 with Vanilla Buttercream Frosting
  • 9 with Whipped Cream Frosting
  • 9 with Chocolate Frosting
  • 9 with Cream Cheese Frosting

I have these available for order the 3rd & 4th Thursday and Friday of every month

Stefie Cakes & Treats has your best interest at heart. We want the very best for you! This is because without you we don’t have a business. We want to start the year off right and get things going. Sample packs can be ordered today. You can order online @ stefiecakesandtreats.com/shop, or you can text Stefie @ (909) 536-0719.

We are offering Sample Packs for January 2020

Cupcake Sample Packs:

January 16th – 5 Packs Available

January 17th – 5 Packs Available

January 23rd – 5 Packs Available

January 24th – 5 Packs Available

Cookie Sample Packs:

January 16th – 6 Packs Available

January 17th – 6 Packs Available

January 23rd – 6 Packs Available

January 24th – 6 Packs Available

Contact us today to reserve your Sample Packs.

The Cupcake Sample Pack is $30

The Cookie Sample Pack is $20

Don’t wait the spots fill up fast. They are first come first serve. If you miss out on January Sample packs there is always February.

Contact Stefie today: Text Stefie @ (909) 536-0719 or you can Order @ stefiecakesandtreats.com/shop

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