As a child I grew up a football fan. We went to every home game at my local high school every Friday. My Saturdays were spent at Kent State University football games. My Uncle John would take my cousin, my sisters, and I to almost every home game. Then finally my Sundays were spent watching the Browns on TV. It always depended on if enough people purchased tickets to the game to be able to watch them. If not we listened to it on the radio. Football is life in Ohio. Not to mention watching or listing to the Ohio State Buckeyes on Saturday while we cleaned the house.

The Browns were my team, as a child I was devoted to listing to them even when I should have been asleep. I would listen to my radio in my bed with my head phones on. In the late 80’s the Browns were really good. We had all the greats to name a few, Cory Matthews, Webster Slater, Eric Metcalf, Bernie Kosar. I think you get the idea.

They made the playoffs every year. And my dad he was crazy… He would paint the car in browns colors every year. My sisters and I hated it. We already had a big ugly station wagon we were embarrassed of, but he made it worse. Then to top it off he put a dog house on top of the car. The teams numbers were all over. When my parents took us to school we would say drop us off two blocks away. We didn’t want anyone to see us.

My favorite part about the playoffs was always the Brown’s songs that would play. My sisters and I would sing them from the top of our lungs. They were awesome! I love thinking back to 1988 & 1989 those were the best times. After the Browns lost to the Broncos in that last playoff game for the Superbowl we never were to hear those songs again.

A very sad thing happened. The owner who I will not name because I won’t give him that recognition. He moved our beloved Browns to Baltimore. That was the saddest day for me, and for the the city of Cleveland ever.

We now have a new team, and they have been their awhile. It’s really hard for me to be a fan like I used to be. I don’t love them like I used too. The new owners won’t give a coach more than a year or two to get it together. So year after year us Browns fans are let down. No, coach can go in there and make changes and make superstars over night. It is so frustrating and sad to see it happen over and over again.

Therefore I don’t watch the NFL. I am a college fan. I cheer on my Ohio State Buckeyes. I like to watch were they go in the draft and hope and pray that the Browns pick some of them up. Which they do once in a blue moon. Ohio Breads football players. Ohio should have the best teams.

So every year I watch the Superbowl for fun. I can’t decide if I should cheer for the Rams or the Chargers since I now live in California. I haven’t yet because it feels like I am a trader. Like I have lost all faith in the team that I put my heart and soul into as a child.

Thank you for reading my little blog about football and my past. Every year we hope and pray maybe this is the year…

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