Pumpkin Rolls 2 for $20

Pumpkin Rolls 2 for $20

Order TODAY!!! @ stefiecakesandtreats.com/shop


Pumpkin Rolls are on sale for the holiday season. They are 2 for $20 or 1 for $12 until November 21, 2018. You can order one for Thanksgiving and one for Christmas. Don’t be shy there is no limit on how many you order. I would suggest you get 2 for Thanksgiving and 2 for Christmas. If you put in your order now you save money. After Thanksgiving they will be $12 each again. You save $4 buying two now. Don’t forget New Years, holiday parties, holiday potlucks, office parties, office meetings, and I am sure there are more reasons you can come up with to eat a pumpkin Roll.


You can never buy just one. I have had customer call me up to order another one right after the pick up of the first one. They couldn’t wait and ate the whole thing when they got home.

My pumpkin rolls are available all year round, they are one of my best-selling items of the year. Yes, some people need pumpkin all year round.


Order NOW @ stefiecakesandtreats.com/shop

Email: smloomis@stefiecakesandtreats.com

Facebook: @ Stefie Cakes & Treats

Instagram: @StefieCakes0215



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